Join us as we return to our favourite episodes from the 2018 season, one for each of the twelve days of Christmas.

Kilometre 0 – La Course
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It was the final few metres that decided victory in this year’s La Course. Annemiek van Vleuten snatched the win from her biggest rival Anna van der Breggen just before the line. It came to be regarded as one of the greatest racing moments in cycling this season. But this isn’t the only reason why The Cycling Podcast KM 0 at La Course is my top pick for the year.

As Van Vleuten reveals in the podcast, even her DS had already commiserated her on second place. The final twist in the day’s racing came as such a surprise to us, that we abandoned our thin veneer of professionalism and were left whooping and wide-eyed on the finish line, all recorded for your listening pleasure.

There’s a little taste of life on the road too as we battle road closures and poor navigation (not naming any names) to even make it to the dramatic finish in the first place.

And finally, an interview with Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig that epitomises the true heart of cycling. Speaking through sobs as she sat elated and exhausted just beyond the finish line, she reflected on one of her finest days on the bike (and provided some useful if rather specific advice on wisdom tooth management). Above all, she will reacquaint you with why, through all its chaos, we love this sport.

by Rose Manley

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