Join us as we return to our favourite episodes from the 2018 season, one for each of the twelve days of Christmas.

Lunch With Colin Sturgess – Friends of the Podcast Special

I still have a copy of Winning magazine with Colin Sturgess on the cover that I bought when I was a teenager. He was an outrageously talented rider – world professional pursuit champion at the age of 19. But he retired young, disillusioned with the sport, and headed to Australia. Then he made a comeback and rode for England at the 1998 Commonwealth Games, in the same team as a young Bradley Wiggins. That much I knew.

I had also read a couple of interviews in which he was frank about some very tough times in his life, a spell living in his car, problems with alcohol and difficulties with his mental health.

I knew that Colin had a compelling story to tell and he’d already told some of it to print journalists but I felt it would be all the more powerful for the audience to hear him talking.

Usually, a couple of days before an interview like this, I’d read up on the subject but on this occasion I didn’t because I wanted to avoid the trap of falling into making the conversation a box-ticking exercise, a sort of Greatest Hits of Colin Sturgess, so to speak.

I wanted to retain the relatively relaxed, informal style. I also knew I had no right to expect Colin to open up and talk about things if he didn’t want to. So I travelled to Leicester and met him not knowing how I was going to start things.

This was one of those rare ‘interviews’ where I think both of us forgot about the presence of the microphone. I certainly said a few things I would not have revealed had I not felt so comfortable in Colin’s company.

The recordings were so long we had to split it into two parts but I felt I owed it to Colin to present his words as completely as possible. I didn’t want any of the context to be lost because the result is a story of how life – and cycling – can take you in unexpected directions and, without labouring the analogy too much, there can be some tricky descents to negotiate as well as the rarified highs.

by Lionel Birnie

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