Join us as we return to our favourite episodes from the 2018 season, one for each of the twelve days of Christmas.

Francois Thomazeau’s KM 0, Breaking the Story

Full episode:

Run time: 30 min.

I wasn’t directly involved in this episode, but it was recorded on my in-laws’ verandah in Picardy and I could see Lionel and François Thomazeau sitting chatting – for a long time. But they were covering a big story – the Festina scandal of the 1998 Tour, in which François played an important role as the man orchestrating the coverage of Reuters, the world’s biggest news agency.

For anyone interested in journalism and how the media works, or cycling, or drugs in sport, or a criminal conspiracy, this episode is enthralling. François talks us through the scandal as it unfolds, starting with a seemingly small, innocuous event on the Belgian border and eventually engulfing the Tour. As the story develops, François seems to be a step ahead of everybody else, including the Tour organisers. A great listen.

by Richard Moore

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