Kilometre 0 returns with a mini series looking at the spring Classics. It’s called The Survivors of Spring and it is supported by WellbriX.

EPISODE 1 – Paean to the pavé

The cobblestones of Paris-Roubaix are themselves the great survivors because, without the bike race, there’s really no compelling reason for these old, battered roads to exist in their current state. We hear from Les Amis de Paris-Roubaix, the group who voluntarily maintain the stones between editions of the Hell of the North.

EPISODE 2 – A day after hell

For professional cyclists, recovery is as important as training. But how do the riders tend to their aching limbs the day after Paris-Roubaix, one of the most brutal tests they face?

EPISODE 3 – A Giant struggle

When a disoriented English tourist drove headlong into six Giant-Alpecin riders at their Spanish training camp in late January, thoughts turned first to saving lives rather than the team’s season. The Cycling Podcast tells the redemptive story of a team coming back from the brink.

EPISODE 4 – Flèche Wounds

The Canyon-SRAM team tackles one of the biggest, and toughest, races on the UCI Women’s World Tour calendar – Flèche Walloons. And for British rider Hannah Barnes, riding only her second race after five months on crutches, it is a particularly difficult challenge.

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