The first part of our 2019 Grand Tour Diaries audiobook covers the Giro d’Italia, won by Ecuadorian Richard Carapaz. It’s fair to say the Giro didn’t exactly bubble over like a shaken bottle of Prosecco this year. At times it was flatter than an afternoon flat white.

However, The Grand Tour Diaries document the adventures and occasional mishaps of travelling round Italy covering the Giro. How did Lionel react when Richard spilled hot Easyjet tea over his trousers before the race even began? How did Daniel resist nicknaming Lionel La Grassa, or ’the fat one’ for a whole weekend in Bologna, and what happens when cats steal your pre-prandial crisps while podcasting?

These questions and more are at least partially answered in our Giro d’Italia audiobook read by Lionel and Richard.

Parts two, three and four, covering the Women’s Tour, Tour de France and Vuelta a España will be released in the New Year.

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