In 2018 The Cycling Podcast gave The Women’s Tour the Grand Tour treatment, with Richard, Orla and Rose hitting the road to follow each stage of the race for a nightly podcast.

The five-day race from the South East of England to Wales was won by American Sunweb rider Coryn Rivera, with the race taking in Elgar country, via Ed Sheeran and Benjamin Britten with a quick diversion by way of Dolly Parton.

A day in the Trek Drops team car gave a rare and fascinating glimpse into the thankless struggles of a rider who has been dropped out the back of a race. We also learned more than we may have cared to about the female peloton’s specific approach to nature breaks.

Despite Richard’s protestations about the ‘intensity’ of covering the race…Orla and Rose managed to put up with him for the duration.