The news broke like Neapolitan hearts at the harrowing notion of pineapples on pizzas: Ciro Scognamiglio was coming to London in February, for an event that would stand alongside Live Aid in the collective memory and affections of the nation’s capital. That, at least, was in the opinion of everyone’s favourite matchbox cycling pundit. And, we must confess, on a grim late winter​’s​ night, in front of nearly 200 faithful Cycling Podcast fans at Foyles bookshop, the Voice of Vesuvius didn’t disappoint.

There were Cornettos and candid confessions aplenty, spanning the sublime and the preposterous. What is Vincenzo Nibali really like? Just how close are Ciro and Filippo Pozzato, the self-styled Peacock of Sandrigo? And is it ever acceptable to order cappuccino after noon?

Flanked by his three loyal Cycling Podcast gregari, Ciro answered these tantalising questions and more – at an event that simply begged to be recorded, and immortalised, for our Friends of the Podcast.

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