Part 2: The road to Roubaix | In this, the second of a five-part series called The Lionel of Flanders, Lionel Birnie gets on his bike and leaves Flanders and crosses the border into France.

On the way, he happens upon an anonymous stretch of road that played host to one of the most seismic events in modern cycling history – find out what that was in the episode.

Lionel’s destination is the André Pétrieux velodrome in Roubaix. After a couple of laps of the famous, if pitted and bumpy, concrete track, he tries to persuade someone to let him have a look around the stone showers, where each cubicle bears a plaque with the name of a past Hell of the North champion. Was he successful?

Then it’s back to Belgium and a search for lunch in Menen, home town of a man who must be considered the original Lion of Flanders.

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