What does the future of professional cycling look like? In this episode, we look at the state of men’s road racing as the UCI World Tour is set to balloon to 37 events for 2017 and the team owners continue to worry about the long-term security of their operations while ASO, the organisers of the Tour de France, extends its influence.

Technology has changed the media landscape and the way fans watch their favourite sports but has professional cycling has been slow to adapt? Velon has introduced cameras on bikes but the television viewing experience is largely the same as it was 20 years ago. ASO and the UCI continue to clash over fundamental issues such as who decides how many riders should compete in each event. And the teams survive despite a hand-to-mouth existence reliant on sponsorship.

But what are the solutions?

In this episode we hear from race organisers, such as Mauro Vegni and Javier Guillen, the directors of the Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a España, Dave Brailsford and Jonathan Vaughters, who run World Tour teams, fellow journalists including ITV commentator Ned Boulting and riders agent Andrew McQuaid and others who have a view on the future.

Richard Moore, Lionel Birnie and Daniel Friebe discuss the problems and potential solutions and make their own radical suggestions for the future.

This episode of The Cycling Podcast was recorded exclusively for Friends of the Podcast and was produced by Tom Whalley.

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