The curtain fell on David Millar’s career as a professional cyclist at Sunday’s Bec hill climb in Surrey and Richard Moore of the Telegraph Cycling Podcast was there to witness it.

While Millar could only finish 21st in the 700-yard race, won by Jack Pullar, it was less a competitive outing than a goodbye for Millar, who told us that it “completed the circle” to be back in a time trial on British roads, where he started racing as a teenager.

This special, short edition of the podcast includes an interview with Millar as well as his sister, Fran Millar, the Head of Winning Behaviours at Team Sky, the Bec hill climb organiser and Garmin-Sharp soignuer, Garry Beckett, and Finlay Pretsell, who is directing the David Millar Project, a film following him in his final year.

“This was an opportunity to go out on my own terms,” said Millar, whose next move is to have an operation on the hand he seriously injured in a crash at the recent Vuelta a Espana. “Then it’s the start a new life,” he added, “which will involve working hard at something else. I’m really looking forward to it.”