In this episode of Service Course join Lizzy Banks and Tom Whalley as they take a look back at the track team from Derbados that took on the world and turned the track scene upside down.

Team Huub Wattbike have been the leaders in technical innovation in the world of track cycling since they burst on to the scene as Team KGF back in the 2017 British National Track Championships.

Since then, they’ve pushed the UCI rules to tipping point and watched the UCI push back with many different rule changes, ultimately leading to the banning of trade teams from track World Cup events.

Being down but not out, Huub Wattbike simply decided to end on a high. May should have seen them attempting to break multiple track world records at altitude in Bolivia but that dream was also scuppered when they found themselves stranded in Tenerife during their final preparations.

We also take a look at some of the latest emerging tech and speak to Callum Skinner about his Hindsight glasses just launched on Kickstarter.

Our theme music is Beyond The Black Veil by Moscow Youth Cult

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