KM0 Vuelta episode 2

It is thirty years since Luis ‘Lucho’ Herrera became the first Colombian to win a Grand Tour by triumphing at the Vuelta a España.

Herrera was part of the first significant wave of Colombians to race in Europe in the 1980s. In that 1987 Vuelta there were another three of his countrymen in the top 10, and eight in the top 20, all riding for two different Colombian teams, Café de Colombia and Postobón.

But Herrera was the star. He was a shy and enigmatic figure but ‘a deity in Comombia,’ according to the journalist Klaus Bellon. In this episode, which looks back at Herrera’s historic Vuelta win, we hear from Bellon, from current star Esteban Chaves, from Colombian broadcaster Carlos Julio Guzmán, and from Óscar Vargas, who was 5th in the 1987 Vuelta and is back at the race with Team Manzana Postobón.

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