At this year’s Giro d’Italia, Richard Moore, Lionel Birnie and Daniel Friebe will be producing nine episodes of the popular Kilometre 0 series, looking at a different aspect of the race in each show.

Kilometre 0 at the Giro d’Italia is supported by Science in Sport.

EPISODE ONE: Home and Away

The first episode of Kilometre 0 at the Giro d’Italia offers a flavour of the opening few days in the Netherlands, includes a brief history of foreign starts for Grand Tours, and looks at the logistics of Monday’s 2,000km transfer to southern Italy.

EPISODE TWO: The Giro’s North-South Divide

To say that Italy is a complicated country would be both an accepted truth & something of an understatement. Officially, Italy has been a united nation since 1861 – but many would argue that its northern & southern halves have never truly learned to cohabit.

EPISODE THREE: The Flying Dutchman

This episode of Kilometre 0 focuses on one of the unsung heroes in the peloton, Maarten Tjallingii, who stepped into the spotlight during the Giro d’Italia’s opening weekend in the Netherlands.

EPISODE FOUR: In the Name of the Father

The latest episode of Kilometre 0, supported by Science in Sport, looks at famous fathers and their cycling sons. In the field at this year’s Giro d’Italia are several riders whose fathers were also professionals, including Moreno Moser of the Italian cycling dynasty, Erik Zabel’s son Rick, who is riding for BMC, and Team Sky’s Nicolas Roche, son of Stephen. Is a famous name a blessing or a curse – a help or a hindrance?

EPISODE FIVE: The Race of Truth

Time trial days on a Grand Tour are always challenging for the team staff, although Orica-GreenEdge sports director Matt White relishes them like a kid at Christmas. This episode of Kilometre 0 goes behind the scenes with Orica-GreenEdge during the Chianti time trial at the Giro d’Italia.

EPISODE SIX: The Dolomites

This weekend, the Giro d’Italia heads for the peaks which more than any other have inspired its marketing tagline: “The toughest race in the world’s most beautiful place.”

Jagged, luminous, majestic, the Dolomites premiered in the 1937 race and since then have become central to the Giro’s allure. And yet they also remain mysterious, not only by virtue of their ancient myths and legends but also, more simply, in terms of where and what exactly they are.

EPISODE SEVEN: Pausa caffè

It’s rest day on the Giro d’Italia, so it’s the perfect time for a pausa caffè – or coffee break.

The relationship between cycling and coffee is well-established. After all, who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee during or after a bike ride?


This episode is called Feedzone – or Rifornimento, to give it it’s Italian name – and looks at how the riders fuel for a grand tour.

Diet, weight loss, team chefs and nutritionists are now all a part of professional cycling and in this episode we look at the balance between food and nutritional supplements.


With riders from 34 nations racing this year’s Giro, the ‘Corsa Rosa’ now emphatically lives up to its billing as a global sporting showcase.

Between Eritreans & Russians, Albanians & Brazilians, there are many common themes but also some remarkably different journeys to the Giro. Together, they demonstrate that cycling is changing & diversifying almost beyond recognition – even if its sacred races & places remain the same.

EPISODE 10: The journey

Join Richard Moore, Lionel Birnie and Daniel Friebe for the final episode of Kilometre 0 as they make their journey around Italy.