Our final friends special of 2019 is a two-parter.

In part one we discuss the ideas submitted by some of the friends of the podcast — listeners generous enough to give The Cycling Podcast some extra financial support in 2019.

In part two we develop one of those ideas. It was suggested by William Martino and focuses on team culture.

How, when the members of a cycling team are so spread around the world, is a culture developed and sustained? How is a winning culture nurtured?

The episode features interviews with members of Deceuninck-Quick Step, including James Knox, Tim Declercq, Brian Holm, Petr Vakoc and Patrick Lefevere.

We also meet Rod Ellingworth as he starts his job as boss of Bahrain-Merida, and ask him how he intends to try and create a winning culture in his new team.

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