In the March episode of The Cycling Podcast Féminin there’s lots of racing, with Orla Chennaoui, Rose Manley and Richard Moore picking out their moments of the early season – until it was stopped in its tracks by coronavirus.

There’s a report from Richard’s day in the Drops team car, with Bob Varney and Julian Winn, at Het Nieuwsblad, and we hear from Lizzy Banks, the Bigla-Katusha rider who rode strongly to 6th, Esra Tromp, manager of the Parkhotel-Valkenburg team, and also Rolf Aldag, making one of his first appearances as a sports director in the Canyon-SRAM car.

And there’s an interview with Italian rider Martina Alzini, who tells us about living and training in locked down Italy, where the coronavirus crisis is most serious.

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