Kilometre 0 is the official start, after the départ fictif, for each day’s stage of the Tour de France. It is also a new show from The Cycling Podcast, taking listeners behind the scenes at the Tour and along for the ride on the world’s biggest bike race. Catch up on all our Kilometre 0 shows here.

Episode 15 – Christian Prudhomme
In the final episode, Daniel Friebe talks to Christian Prudhomme (Prudy), General Director of Tour de France, about his life before, during and after Le Tour.
Running time: 16:10

Epiosde 14 – On the buses
Every team at the Tour de France has a fleet of vehicles – team cars, a bus and camper van for the riders, a truck for the mechanics, a mobile kitchen and other support vans and cars… Lionel Birnie goes behind the scenes to find out what it’s like on the buses and what keeps these vehicles on the road.
Running time: 11:02

Episode 13 – With the fans
Richard Moore is abandoned by Lionel Birnie and Daniel Friebe on the Col de Manse, the final climb of stage 16, to watch the race with the people who create the Tour de France’s special atmosphere – the fans.
Running time: 20:19

Episode 12 – Kathy LeMond
Kathy LeMond, wife of three-time Tour de France winner Greg LeMond, talks about what it was like to travel round the Tour in the 1980s while her husband was trying to win the race…
Running time: 16:02

Episode 11 – Armstrong returns
Daniel Friebe takes a day off the race to witness Lance Armstrong’s return to France to take part in a cancer charity ride with the former England footballer Geoff Thomas.
Running time: 17:03

Episode 10 – Food on the Tour
Lionel Birnie tackles a subject close to his stomach – the food that keeps everyone on the Tour going until Paris. On the way, he meets Cannondale-Garmin’s chef Sean Fowler, bumps into Sean and his fellow team chef Hannah Grant of Tinkoff-Saxo at the motorway services and samples the press buffet with colleagues Simon Brotherton from the BBC and Matt McGeehan of PA. Sean talks about how he prepares meals for the Cannondale-Garmin riders and Lionel and Richard grapple with a coffee machine…
Running time: 14:52

Episode 9 – Sponsors
In this episode, Lionel Birnie looks at the role of sponsors at the Tour de France. Without them, it’s hard to imagine the race exisitng. Everything from the yellow jersey, to the teams to the vehicles in the publicity caravan, is sponsored. So what do the companies that sponsor the Tour get out of it?
Running time: 12:23

Episode 8 – Crashes
Daniel Friebe looks at crashes in the aftermath of the terrible accidents in the first week of the Tour. What causes them and are they really becoming more frequent?
Running time: 17:10

Episode 7 – Mechanics
In this episode, Richard Moore meets the people who keep the riders’ bikes on the road, the hard-working mechanics who complete long days to make sure everything is just so.
Running time: 17:10

Episode 6 – Radio Tour
Richard and Lionel meet the voice of Radio Tour, Seb Piquet, who reports on the crashes and breakaways from the race director’s car and whose updates are heard by the sports directors in every team car.
Running time: 10:04

Episode 5 – Cobbles etc
In the fifth episode, Lionel Birnie heads out to the roadside during the cobbled stage to meet the fans who wait for hours to catch a glimpse of the race as it passes.
Running time: 15:53

Episode 4 – Eritreans
In the fourth episode Richard Moore meets the Eritreans – the fans who appear at the start every morning and one of the two Eritrean riders in the race, Merhawi Kudus. We also hear from Douglas Ryder, team principal at MTN-Qhubeka, the first African team to ride the Tour de France.
Running time: 13:08

Episode 3 – Domestiques
Domestiques are the worker bees of the peloton, but what does the job involve and what makes a good domestique?
Running time: 14:12

Episode 2 – The Village Départ
A tour round the village départ, a fixture at the start of every stage, and an explanation of its origins
Running time: 12:38

Episode 1 – Arriving at the Tour
Richard, Lionel and Daniel make their way to the Grand Départ and bump into some friends of the podcast
Running time: 16:07