If you’ve been tuning in to Our Giro you’ll know that Lionel’s been in the kitchen cooking up the best of Italian gastronomy, with a little guidance and feedback from Guardian & New Statesman columnist, Felicity Cloake. On this page you’ll find the recipes for each of the dishes put together throughout the series.

Stage 1: Goulash

With the Grande Partenza due to take place in Hungary’s capital, we started our culinary tour with a traditional stew of meat and vegetables. Or is it a soup? Your answers on the back of a postcard, please…

Stage 2: Pasta alla Norma

Upon arriving in Sicily, Pasta alla Norma was an easy choice. What’s better than beautiful silky aubergines in tomato sauce with plenty of Ricotta Salata?

Stage 3: Pasta ca’ Muddica

A delightful new discovery for us, Pasta ca’ Muddica is a delicious fuel for the engine. This classic cucina povera dish combines pasta with whatever is left in the cupboard, even if that’s only a few breadcrumbs.

Stage 4: Arrosticini

A simple lunch… Abruzzese lamb skewers, served with roast potatoes and aïoli.

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Stage 5: Amatriciana vs. Carbonara

Two dishes. One region.

Stage 6: Piadina

A Romagnan flatbread sandwich

Stage 7: Tiramisù

A Romagnan flatbread sandwich

Stage 8: Polenta e formaggio con salsiccia

Stage 9: Pizza

Nothing says Italy like pizza.