The Grand Tour Diaries | Vuelta a España

In the final Grand Tour audiobook from the 2018 season Lionel Birnie and Richard Moore share their diaries from the Vuelta a España. While Simon Yates recovered from his Giro collapse to win, Lionel endured the scorching heat and appalling rental cars of southern Spain before abandoning with Dan Martin, but before Rohan Dennis. Richard […]

The Grand Tour Diaries 2018 | Tour de France

Part three: Tour de France by Lionel Birnie, Richard Moore and François Thomazeau The third part of our Grand Tour diaries audiobook series features the Tour de France, with Lionel, Richard and François each documenting a week of the race. The Tour kicked off in the Vendée in the west of France and the opening […]

The Grand Tour Diaries 2018 | The Women’s Tour

In 2018 The Cycling Podcast gave The Women’s Tour the Grand Tour treatment, with Richard, Orla and Rose hitting the road to follow each stage of the race for a nightly podcast. The five-day race from the South East of England to Wales was won by American Sunweb rider Coryn Rivera, with the race taking […]

The Grand Tour Diaries 2018 | Giro d’Italia

The Grand Tour Diaries 2018 Part one: Giro d’Italia by Lionel Birnie, Richard Moore and Daniel Friebe We are launching the 2019 Friends of the Podcast programme with a four-part audiobook telling the story of the three grand tours and the Women’s Tour. Part one focuses on the Giro d’Italia, which took the peloton from […]