Explore | Everesting

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Everesting is a simple concept but a difficult challenge. To complete a successful Everesting challenge, a rider must climb and descend the same hill multiple times until they have reached the magic 8,848 metres of vertical gain – the equivalent height to Everest. Although Everesting may seem to be the antithesis of exploration on two […]

In conversation with Emily Chappell

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This episode of Explore by The Cycling Podcast features Hannah Troop in conversation with Emily Chappell, who used to criss-cross London delivering and picking up parcels as a bike courier before discovering long-distance and endurance cycling. Chappell was the first woman to finish the 2016 Transcontinental race and her latest book, Where There’s A Will, […]

Explore | The Three Peaks

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Join Lionel Birnie, Hannah Troop and Ian Boswell for an episode of Explore, looking at the world of adventure riding and bikepacking. It’s the first of who-knows-how-many lockdown editions of Explore and although we can’t travel the world on two wheels at the moment, the series will continue with stories celebrating the freedom, friendship and […]

Explore | Coffee, croissants and cassoulet with Felicity Cloake

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Explore returns to The Cycling Podcast as a monthly show following the seven-part debut series, which was release at the end of 2018. Lionel Birnie and Hannah Troop introduce the show, which will also feature regular contributions from former World Tour professional rider Ian Boswell. In this episode we meet Felicity Cloake, award-winning food writer […]

The Cambridge-Southwold-Cambridge Classic Route

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One hot weekend during the uncharacteristically long summer of 2018, Lionel Birnie was joined by Tour de France television commentator and author Ned Boulting for a ride across England’s flattest counties. In contrast to the Haute Route, it showed there’s a luxury end to the bikepacking spectrum. Three days. Three stages. The Cambridge-Southwold-Cambridge Classic was born. […]

Explore | Episode 7 | Riding and racing

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We kick off 2019 with the seventh and final episode of Explore, our series looking at the worlds of bikepacking, endurance and ultra endurance riding. Lionel Birnie and Hannah Troop are joined by Richard Moore to look back at the highlights of the series and look forward to the way the world’s of professional racing […]

Explore | Episode 6 | Remembering Mike Hall + Riding Around the World

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December 21 | Episode 6 This episode of Explore tells two stories. In the first half, Lionel Birnie travels to mid-Wales to meet Anna Haslock, race director of the Transcontinental Race and partner of the late Mike Hall, who founded the event. It brings the debut series of Explore full circle. In episode one we […]

Explore | Episode 5 | The TransAtlantic Way

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December 14 | Episode 5 This episode of Explore with Lionel Birnie and Hannah Troop focuses on the TransAtlantic Way in Ireland featuring two riders who took part this year, Laura Scott and Simon Gill. The TransAtlantic Way is an unsupported ride that goes from Dublin to Derry (with riders choosing their own route for […]

Explore | Episode 3 | End-To-End

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November 30 | Episode 3 Earlier this year, long-distance time triallist Michael Broadwith – a multiple national 24-hour champion – set about tackling Gethin Butler’s 17-year-old record for riding from Land’s End to John O’Groats. This is arguably the most prestigious of the place-to-place records, with a history stretching back to 1886. In this episode of Explore […]

Explore | Episode 2 | Australia

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November 23 | Episode 2 This episode of Explore heads to Australia and then across the great nation with two riders who had very different reasons for setting out on the challenges before them. First up is a compelling interview with Rupert Guinness, an Australian cycling journalist who has been covering professional racing since 1987. […]