The Cycling Podcast’s second book lifts the curtain on the experience of covering the 2018 and 2019 editions of the Giro d’Italia, Tour de France, Vuelta a España and Women’s Tour.

In The Grand Tour Diaries, journalists and podcast presenters Lionel Birnie, Orla Chennaoui, Daniel Friebe, Richard Moore and François Thomazeau describe travelling thousands of kilometres, staying in a different hotel each night and encountering a rich assortment of places, people and food.

The book, like the podcast, is as much about the towns, regions and mountains visited by the Grand Tours – and the food and drink, from cassoulet in Carcassonne to tiramisu in Tolmezzo and champagne in the Laurent-Perrier chateau in, er, Champagne.

Other stories include the mythical ‘Zoncolan of the south’, a gun-toting Bruce Willis lookalike in the Italian Alps, the origins of Il Sanguinaccio Volante – the Flying black pudding – and run-ins with the Pronunciation Police as well as, in a tax-dodging Umbrian agriturismo, the actual police.

Then there’s the Arkea-Samsic leadout tram, coping at the Tour de France with gephyrophobia and being snubbed at the Vuelta by Michal Kwiatkowski.

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