Richard Moore and Lionel Birnie are joined by friend of the podcast Ned Boulting to ride across the Peak District, from Nottingham to Manchester, on a cold, drizzly November day.

Why? Well, together with Daniel Friebe they were part of two speaking events held on consecutive nights at the Nottingham Playhouse and Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre.

The events were to mark the publication of Ned’s new book 101 Damnations and the fifth volume of The Cycling Anthology, to which all four writers have contributed to at some point in the series.

During the unseasonal warmth in October, Ned had emailed with the subject title: “A stupid idea. Worth considering?”

“Is there any misguided appetite for the following: Nottingham to Manchester. We ride it.”

Without thinking about it, Richard and Lionel agreed.

So, we join our podcasters as they prepare to roll out of Nottingham, follow them along the way and then catch up with them as they meet Daniel in Manchester.

The discussion this week centres on Ned’s new book and a couple of gems from The Cycling Anthology.

Next week we have a special from the National Cycling Centre, home of British Cycling.