No Episode Number - 2016February 18 | Our second Friends Special of 2016 is about a team that burned brightly but too briefly.

The Rise and Demise of HTC-High Road, The Team of the Century charts this multi-national squad’s explosive four years, through interviews with team owner, Bob Stapleton, former sports directors Brian Holm and Rolf Aldag, and the sprinter who gave them so many wins, Mark Cavendish.

Stapleton relives the successes and failures and speaks frankly about the joys and regrets – including his inability to find a new sponsor at the end of 2011. Holm recalls the ‘terrible jerseys,’ the poorly equipped bus, and the rental cars that replaced the Audis they had driven in their previous incarnation as the mega-bucks T-Mobile, led by Jan Ullrich.

When, after a series of doping scandals, T-Mobile took their money and left, the team was reinvented as High Road, with a fraction of the budget but an owner who demanded results. And they rose to the challenge – but how? Hear the whole story, for the first time, in this 90-minute special.


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